Barba | Pay With Your Balls

A Ballsy Mission

Movember is the month when men put away their razors and grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for various men’s health issues, particularly testicular cancer. Barba, one of New York’s hottest new men’s salons, wanted to raise awareness for the movement and for their shop’s new location. We set up a novel payment system for their customers—letting them pay with their balls. By getting an in-store testicular cancer screening, guys could earn complimentary Movember maintenance.

Going Balls Out

Leading up to Movember, we aroused interest in the event with outdoor posters around the neighborhood and in Barba’s storefront. We then gave the salon a makeover of its own by posting testicular cancer statistics on the mirrors and filling hundreds of jars with subtly suggestive ping-pong balls.

SFW Social

Barba’s Facebook and Instagram accounts helped spread the word with posts featuring quotes from real testicular cancer survivors.

Grab Bags

And to further reward Barba’s potential new customers for taking care of their packages…we created packages of our own.

Pants Down, Awareness Up

Once the event started, guys lined up around the block to pay with their balls. Not only did they walk away with a free haircut thanks to our in-store cancer screenings, they walked away knowing they were cancer-free as well.