The Ry-ography


*Record Scratch*

*Freeze Frame*

Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. We’ll start from the beginning and make it quick.


First off, I’m from Texas where everything is bigger, so I suppose I was born with a predisposed love for big things. Makes sense that I’d (eventually) end up in advertising, the industry built on big ideas. Hell, makes even more sense that I’d set my sights on the Big Apple, where the original Mad Men laid the foundation for creating big ideas for brands, as the place I wanted to work. I felt right at home when I moved to NYC for an internship at The Concept Farm. I felt even better when I got my first full-time copywriting position at one of the biggest ad agencies in the business, Grey Global Group. But nothing compares to the feeling I got when I sold my first big idea. For the next two and half years my partner and I busted out big concepts for clients across the agency. Then we took our talents to Terri and Sandy to see what working in a smaller pond was like. We find the water quite nice. After completing a campaign in which we convinced a client to let customers literally pay with their balls, it was time to reflect on how much I love this job. That brings us back to the picture. That’s me “recharging” at the remote Kitoi Bay Hatchery in Kodiak, Alaska after reeling in the biggest fish I’ve caught in my life.


And whatever it takes, I’m ready to reel in even bigger ideas for your clients.

Hobbies and Interests