Disney | Dream Big, Princess

A Dream Assignment

Each Disney Princess is the heroine of her own story, an inspiring role model whose inner qualities give her the strength to achieve her dreams. Tiana’s entrepreneurial spirit helps her build a business against all odds. Merida has the courage to break tradition and save her family. Belle’s kindness lets her see the goodness inside the Beast.


While at Grey, my partner and I created the video below and helped Hasbro win the Disney Princess line from Mattel. When we went to Terri & Sandy, they invited us to help extend the power of these iconic Princesses. By showing girls around the world that they share traits with their favorite leading ladies, our campaign aimed to help them realize their full potential so they too can “Dream Big.”

Moms Rule

To reach a princess, sometimes you have to go through the queen. We created content specifically geared towards moms to show them that Belle, Cinderella, and the rest of the Princess posse could be inspiring role models for their daughters.

Big Dreams, Small Screens

Across social media channels new and old, we filled fans’ feeds with inspiring Princess social media content, much of it timed with major holidays such as Father’s Day. The campaign also served as a launch pad for the new Disney Princess Instagram account.