Peeps Delights | Crying Shame

Hatching a New Peeps

Our challenge was to introduce the first Peeps for grown-ups. Fortunately, we had the perfect product—Peeps Delights—marshmallow chicks dipped in luxurious milk and dark chocolate. Indulgent enough for grown-ups, but fun enough for kids, our launch campaign humorously depicts the drama this tension can ignite. Inspired by the viral videos that feature parents eating their kids’ Halloween candy, we flipped the script, showcasing what happens when kids eat their parents’ Easter candy.

Decadent Devastation

We amplified the campaign with GIFs and static social content. And just to playfully pour a little sugar in the parents’ wounds, we posted handwritten notes featuring kids’ half-hearted apologies.

Peep the press we picked up

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Peeps Take A Dip, Sales Spike

Our “Crying Shame” campaign was a hippity-hoppity success that left consumers weeping with laughter and our clients crying tears of joy. Sales of the chocolate-dipped Delights skyrocketed and left Easter baskets across the nation bursting with the brand new chocolate-coated confection.